Become a Friend of ElevateMeD

Become a Friend of ElevateMeD

Become a Friend of ElevateMeD

Our friends and sponsors are imperative to the success of our ElevateMeD Scholars Program.  We depend on their support in order to achieve the mission of a physician workforce that reflects the population served.  We invite you to become involved with ElevateMeD by contributing in a variety of ways.


ElevateMeD collaborates with leading private corporations and non-profit organizations who share the priority of increased physician workforce diversity.  ElevateMeD works with these entities individually in order to customize the needs of the Scholars and the organization.


ElevateMeD Scholars need physician mentors to help them succeed and flourish through medical school and beyond.  The ElevateMeD Scholars Program will create a strong bond among Scholars that will continue into their respective careers.  Many of our Scholars may not have had the opportunity to have a relationship with a physician aside from their medical school faculty.  Having a physician mentor to help shape perspective during these years is paramount to their experience.

Committee and Board Members

Active members serve on our Board of Directors and on our Advisory Board and help support the program in a variety of ways.  Opportunities range from strategic development of the organization to Program management and being on the Selection Committee for our Scholars.  


Your contribution is essential to ElevateMeD’s success in prioritizing physician workforce diversity, closing the gap of financial inequity in the cost of medical education, and developing the next generation of physician leaders.  Your direct investment will help offset the cost of tuition and fees for promising medical school students, multiplying your gift’s reach to all who will be impacted by an ElevateMeD Scholar’s care and expertise.

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